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Apr 27, 2021

maslansky + partners' Senior Vice Presidents Maria Boos and Katie Cronen join Michael and Lee to talk about the language of customer experience and why it's so important to get the language right. Especially now, what makes it harder? How can we do it right? We share what we have learned from companies in the...

Apr 20, 2021

Michael and Lee are joined by colleague Sachi Pettit in a conversation about when companies should speak out and what it takes to be a leader, especially on difficult issues. They talk about confronting racism, equality, and how to find common ground even when it seems impossible.  They talk about specific case studies...

Apr 13, 2021

What do the phrases white glove, high-touch, and clean have in common? They've changed meaning and use for safety precautions and standards in a global pandemic. But the language shifts we've seen go beyond safety: birthday parties, happy hour, weekend getaways, middle seats on airplanes, virtual banking. This week,

Apr 6, 2021

Is it possible to persuade folks to take the COVID-19 vaccine?  In this week's edition of HearSay, Michael and Lee talk to colleague and pharma expert Sarah Hendry about the unique challenges in getting people vaccinated. They touch on cognitive biases at play, past healthcare experience that may impact...